Thursday, December 10, 2009

Evening of Fear

When I pillaged my dad's basement looking for mythic Danman oddities, I was shocked (and then, after I watched it, appalled) to find the single extant copy of Evening of Fear. It is hands-down the most embarrassing footage of me in existence. Yes, even more embarrassing than this. And that. And let's not forget that.

With college just a couple months off, Danman Productions was within its death throes. Desperate to milk every last bit of local fame, I decided to give my public access station an extra-special gift: my newest movie and three of my "classics" strung together with little introductions featuring me doing my best Rod Serling. Sadly, my best Rod Serling involved sunglasses and green pleated parachute pants.

(See the ultra-rare promotional flier here.)

If you are batshit insane and wish to recreate the entire Evening of Fear experience, it's easy! Just watch the following films when you receive the on-screen cues:

Harvest of Wrath (this was the "world premiere" of this "suspense" picture)
The Bastard Chicken Clock from Hell (a "brief little excursion into the bizarre")
Night of the Living Dead (an "oldie but a goodie")
Fear ("the movie that put Danman Productions on the map"--yes, I actually said that)

Nothing you say can hurt me because I have magical pants.



At December 26, 2009 at 8:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i'm feeling a bit seasick...


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